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.me & my boo, & my boo, boo, ridin’.

I hope everyone is having a more than wonderful weekend so far. I leave you here with Queen B's video Countdown. Hope you enjoy!

Me & My Boo, & My Boo, Boo, Ridin’ at the Brazilian Day Festival in San Diego <3
(with an asian guy in the background)
Ride or Die! Thug Life!!



Remmy said...

they look amazing, following u.

Grazziella said...

I love when Be do this kind of music and music video, love her in that way

Thanks for sharing

Nice blog


Fashion Cappuccino said...

You and your boyfriend are so cute together! xoxoxoo

GlamorousGirl said...

you and your boyfriend are perfect together!!!


SH said...

So cute.

Please check out my blog.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi Perlinha! Thank you for visiting me girl! I think you and your boyfriend will look cute no matter what you wear! xoxoxoo

Sam said...

Oh, I love that song from Beyoncé. I'm kind of raping the repeat button. And that picture is so cute!