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Yooooohooooo (in a high-pitched, old-lady voice)!!!

I'm not mad. I'm just an emo chola.

I'll stop trying to break my ankle, I promise.

The title of this post, "Challenges", really refers to the challenges we face when deciding what we're going to wear for the day. I know my boyfriend thinks that I take forever to get ready. For some people, picking out an outfit may come easily, but for me it's a obstacle that I enjoy tackling every day at 6am, or whatever no-one-is-awake-yet time I have to wake up! Haha...
Another thing that I find difficult to do is NOT wearing black. Every time I go out shopping I try really hard to NOT buy black clothes. 

My dearest, most elegant, versatile color, why must you be present in almost every outfit I wear? I think we need some time apart.

O título do post é desafios para comemorar as dificultades que a gente tem tentando de seleccionar a roupa do dia. Meu namorado acha que eu demoro me arrumando. Para umas pessoas é muito fácil escolher a roupa, mas para mim, é um desafio que eu desfruto muito. Outra coisa que eu acho difícil é tentar de não usar o comprar roupa do cor preto. 
(Desculpe a ortografia horrenda, não tenho aperfeiçoado meu português)

Meu queridíssimo, elegantíssimo, cor tão versátil, porque é que você está presente em todos meus enxovais? Precisamos de tempo separados.

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Mary Lou said...

oh you look so gorgous my dear! i wish i had your hair!!! and i really know what you mean with this challenges haha beautiful cardigan and skirt!!!
love and kiss,mary

M.rolez said...

Love your blog sweetie !
xoxo from spain love

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful skirt! I've been wanting a patterned one like that! xoxoxo

Remmy said...

beautiful skirt,and as always u look great.

M and C said...

gorgeous outfit!

Cammila Albertson said...

I'll think I have an outfit all planned out in advance, but then when I put it on, I start switching things out, picking accessories, and still end up taking forever.

Oh well. You look fab, so clearly it's worth it. :)

Angel Garcia said...

It looks good! I go through phases.. Certain months I will take forever each morning deciding what to wear, others I just get up and pick something haha

All the best, ~Angel

Tatiana said...

Ola, achei seu blog atraves de outro, adorei seus outfits e seu bom humor, eu so queria que as fotos fossem maiores pra poder ver mais os detalhes. Beijos Tati

Amanda Z. said...

Que linda você! (:
Adorei seu look, sua bota é um charme!


Victoria said...

Love your skirt and I don't think is nothing wrong with buying black! I love it too!x

Lali said...

This is such a beautiful outfit. ♥

Iulia Romana said...

First of all, thank you for your comment on my blog - it means a lot !

I loooove your skirt, great print ;x
Altough I would like to see your photos bigger, I really like your blog :>

Lola said...

you have a great blog! i really like your pictures ♥