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.haters gonna hate.

I hate jeans...

but not as much as this fellow hates my electric blue jeans.

Tryna' rip my calças, pantalones, pants, etc... 
You get the point.

Ok, I'll stop.

I hate it when lions pet me too hard.

I really did mean what I said in the beginning of the post. I don't like wearing jeans. I feel totally uncomfortable and I probably walk like this when I have them on:

However, these blue jeans felt bomb. 
I want a purple pair now--maybe they will feel even more bomb (-errr?)...

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Mary Lou said...

oh i love love love this electric blue jeans my darling together with your white duffle coat and this red lipstick this is really a outfit to fall in love with!!! and how adorable is the lil fellow hihi
love and kiss,mary

Vale ♥ said...

I like your electric blue pants ! I have to say I like jeans but it's true when I wanna feel comfortable I use leggings.

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M and C said...

this blog is so funny! :D AND OMG I love the dog!

the girl never gets older said...

OH MY GOODNESS! you're so freaking beautiful and funny :D I love your style too, it's so feminine and classy! you're amazing ♥