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Yooooohooooo (in a high-pitched, old-lady voice)!!!

I'm not mad. I'm just an emo chola.

.haters gonna hate.

I hate jeans...

.definitely in my zone.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!!!! :D 
I know, I know... In case you didn't notice, Dia de los Muertos (Mexican All Saints Day) was yesterday, but as always, I post a little too late on certain events. I promise you that I'll stop. Someday.
Dia de los Muertos isn't really celebrated as much in the U.S. as it is in Mexico and other Latin American countries. I, on one hand, have made it a habit to have "Sugar Skull Photo Shoots" every year for this particular day. 
It all started with a photography class I had my sophomore year in college. I presented a collection of photographs with "Calaveras" and my professor kept some of them to present at an art gallery. I was cheesin' it because it was the first time any of my work had been presented at an official art gallery.  After a week or so, when the art exhibition was over, I contacted my professor via email and I even went to look for him at his office, but guess what? Homeboy kept my original prints and I've been without them ever since. I have no idea where he went or where to find him, but that didn't stop me from creating even better pictures than the ones he STOLE from me.

I hope cemeteries don't scare you.