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.i get a good feeling.

Today is super gloomy day and waking up at five in the mornin' did not help. My boo has been a good sport though. He's been driving me around ever since I sold my car in January last year so that I can have some extra cash for my trip to Brazil. Now I have to wake up extra early so that he can drop me off at school and still make it to work on time. I guess I can now say that I have a personal driver. ;)

I have always wanted purple lipstick, ever since I was a little girl last year. I stumbled upon Revlon's Va Va Violet and it was love at first sight. I finally got to sport this delicious color yesterday with some golden lids ;) 
Here are the pics from when I went to visit my folks:

.she makes fools out of us.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Mother Nature is not letting us -and by us, I mean SoCalifornians- sport our fall gear this season? Homegirl is going through some bipolarism, if that's even a word, which is probably not since it has the little red squiggles underneath it. 
She is making a fool out of everyone me!

Once upon a time during a beautiful breezy day in the wonderful city of Somewhere, a young lady decided to sport the following outfit to conduct a quick photo shoot at the beach.