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Hey ya'll.
It's been a while since I've posted on here, which is sad because I have been to a few interesting places these past few months. Those that follow me on Instagram are definitely up to date on my travels. 


Guanajuato, the city of legends.


I need a personal photographer.



Jamay never disappoints.


It’s mind blowing that all of this belonged to my ancestors.

.hippie vibes.

I went to the desert to be a hippie.

.pi pie birthday.

My birthday just passed.
I feel old. 


I was really close to not posting this look.


I don't enjoy wearing heels. I'm just a big phony.
Black Fur Vest Outfit

.gold houndstooth.

Imma take your grandma's style.


Do not trust a person that says they don't like Queen.


My husband said that I look like I'm about to shoot someone.

.pleated velvet fur.

Here is a play on texture with pink velvet, brown fur and black pleat. It is so amazing what you can do with these maxi pleated skirts. The texture and the length leave no room for error!

guess what I am wearing underneath ;)

.oh snap.

I'm back.

...and am very happy to do so.