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.birth story.

This is not an outfit post. It's better. Just kidding.
Here lies the last photograph of my baby bump (11.10.2018).


She is finally here
and I am totally using her to complement my outfits ;) 


I'll admit that I went to two different pumpkin patches this year.
Fall Pumpking patch outfit with long camel cardigan and plaid leggings
This is a lot for someone who had never been to one to begin with.


I am that pregnant lady that wears crop tops.
Fall Maternity Outfit with Selena Quintanilla top Leopard Duster and Vegan Suede Pointed Boots
No shame in my game.

.tupac paisley.

What do Tupac and Paisley have in common?
I want to say nothing, but...

.stretch baby stretch.

Yes, I am still pregnant...
and running out of things to wear.

.fall florals.

I felt a slight breeze and figured it was good enough to bring out the fall florals.
I am that desperate for fall weather.

.neon spark.

I am usually terrified of wearing neon colors,
Look at how terrified I look

but this denim dress from PinkBlush came to the rescue for this particular look.

.traditional modern.

I don't fit into any of my traditional Mexican clothes,
so this is the best I can do.

.north pole.

Who else loves Christmas as much as me?
...probably the guy that named this city in Alaska after the North Pole.
Low-quality picture, high-quality Santa.
Would you be surprised if I told you the whole city is Christmas-themed?

.fall swing.

I'm ready to swing into fall fashion...
...with this navy swing dress! 
(see what I did there?)


Alaska has to be one of the most beautiful states I have visited in the United States.
In front of Portage Glacier using my leopard pants to distract you from my sickly face 
I mean no offense to all the other 49 states (I'm looking at you, California).

.partying while pregnant.

Dancing feels a little silly when you have a melon attached to your stomach,
but there is no need to miss out on celebrations just because you are pregnant!

.pregnancy travel tips.

The joys of traveling while pregnant...
3D Toronto Canada sign in Nathan Phillips Square 


Girly pinks and floral prints are my thing now.

I think this has been the case since I found out I was having a girl. 


I'm that typical hot, sweaty and grouchy pregnant woman on a hot summer day...

...except when I wear this dress.


I am not a big fan of the word "preggo," but it describes my current state perfectly.


In honor of Wanderlust Wednesday, I decided it would be appropriate to write about my trip to Aruba back in June 2017.