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.give me that funk.

Hey hey heyyy...
Last week was the first time in ages that my personal photographer sister and I went for a photo-shoot. 

 I was feeling a little on the dark side...

.pinche gabacha.

Written from the airport last Wednesday:

                  Oi gente! I hope everyone is doing absolutely magnificent. As mentioned before, I am going to share with you the entire trajectory I have been going through these past couple of days. Yes, the ENTIRE past two days! As I write this, I find myself in a small airport in the city of Burbank surrounded by a bunch of older folks who are no where near my age, which means I do not have anyone to hang out with while I wait for check-in to start because I got here too early… WAHHH! What this also means is that I have created room for one of my favorite, but rare, hobbies in the whole wide world—writing at airports. I can also use this time to practice my patience, while Vegas waits for me.

.dance all night baby.

This weekend consisted of a lot of dancing...and by I lot of dancing I mean dancing until I was out of breath...and by out of breath I mean dancing for a long time without stopping...and by a long time, I mean 10 minutes at a time. -_- I cannot hang any more! I am not as buff as I used to be, but things at work will die down shortly, so I will have more time to do more physical activities and I promise then I will actually write about how much dancing I was able to do and not about how much dancing I was unable to do!

Back to the weekend.

.cadê perlinha, seriously?.

So you I wonder, where have I been? 
Did I fall off the face of the blogging world?
Did I eat too many tamales during the cold Californian winter and was to embarrassed to show my brand-new, she-obviously-enjoys-delicious-but-fattening-Mexican-food, love handles?
Perhaps, but not really.
I have been financially preparing myself for several great things that are coming my way, which I will share with all of you!! 
I pinky promise!

Anyway... I am pleased to present you with the following outfit that I wore to work, which I found was probably one of the most comfortable outfits I have worn to work in a long time:


Just kidding--I'm not naked!

I feel like a bad mother for being so inconsistent with my blogs. I've been behind in school, SUPER sick, but I'm finally pulling through (yay)!
I got a super, sexy vehicle! Yes an actual CAR--not a rolling backpack!

My boyfriend brought home some cases of coconut water and they are delicious!

.i wish i was a little bit taller.

How creative of me to name the post after an old school rap song... NOT!
I really do hope you have all been doing well. I want to thank everyone for your lovely comments! They definitely make my day everyday
Also, your posts are absolutely amazing and they are one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I do not consider myself a creative person, but I am willing to share whatever bits I can and I am glad you can all share your incredible talents with me as well!

.follow me.

Here's is more evidence of the bad habit I have of matching my makeup with my outfits. I know I promised I would stop, I just never said exactly when. :)

.remember this guy?.

Remember this guy? No? I don't blame you.
He's the same little rowdy fellow but he has grown a lot since the last time you saw him. You might recognize him better from the picture below.

.happy new year.

Happy New Year!!
These past two weeks have been the most amazing weeks ever, especially because my beau was on vacation, which meant that I got to spend a lot of time with him. Now I'm back to the same routine where I look for ways to keep myself busy while he is away. Luckily, I still have this week left of vacation and not to mention warm, sunny SoCal weather!