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Just kidding--I'm not naked!

I feel like a bad mother for being so inconsistent with my blogs. I've been behind in school, SUPER sick, but I'm finally pulling through (yay)!
My boyfriend bought me a super, sexy vehicle! Yes an actual CAR--not a rolling backpack!

He also brought home some cases of coconut water and they are delicious!

They are the closest thing to REAL Brazilian coconut water--maybe because they actually DO contain Brazilian coconut water! 

It's just soooo much! I'm thinking of throwing a coconut water party!
Feel free to invite yourselves ;)
Here are a couple of tips to having a successful night at a coconut water party.

I recommend using car mirrors to get ready ;)
Make sure there is plenty light outside!

Fruit accessories are a must!

Crazy purses for the crazy, of course.

Wear super old boots, super duper old shirt and super duperester old jacket!

I forgot to mention the GOLDEN RULE:
Make sure your shirt is a glow-in-the-dark shirt to avoid any hazards at night.

Take a picture with the birthday girl!



DediLovesFashion said...

great outfit. love your bag.

Stephanie said...

How cute is this pic of u putting on lipstick!


Sia said...

Coconut water is a blessing, I love it so much. The red skirt is so cool. x

Psycho Cat said...

Wow, you look great, so fun, love your bag and that lipstick :)
Thank you for visit and lovely comment dear :*


Bravoe Runway said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I hope school is going well and you are recovering! You look fab as always and come on, that skull tee is bad ass!

Adele said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! Absolutely LOVE the skull tee. Come follow me hun...I'll happily return the favour xoxo

June said...

Thanks for your comment honey! This is such a sweet post! Lets follow each other?

Victoria said...

In love of your skull t-shirt and bag! you look happy and great!x

Anonymous said...

Haha! This is so cute! That coconut water actually sounds really good. Or maybe I'm just thirsty. Love your lipstick and your ring! <3


Karlajz said...

Fantastic photos. Love your bag! Maybe we can follow each other? Don't forget like me on Facebook! Kisses :*

Fashion Pad said...

You are too cute!!! Love this outfit. Those boots are fab!

Stylish By Nature said...

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Cilla B said...

Cute ensemble Dear and that purse is to die for

Cammila Albertson said...

lol You're too cute. I love stylish ladies who also know how to have some fun! Your pic with that lion "purse snatcher" is cracking me up. :D

Angela said...

Your lipstick color is just - wow! And I love all the silly photo poses you do, I have a huge problem acting all serious when someone is taking a picture :)

Estefanía J. said...

OMG... so stunning outfit dear: your bag is the most!!! Excuse my delay in answering you! And thanks for your lovely comment! Now, follow you by GFC too!!! I just release a new image on my Facebook Official Page, hope you “like it” and drink a sip of ABSOstyle with me: join my day to day!!!
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Mary Lou said...

amiga pero que bella k estas! i love your look, lipstick, bag and skirt are just too fabulous darling!
love and kiss,mary
i follow you now via bloglovin!

Mesmerize said...

you look stunning:) love everything in your outfit:)
please visit me in free time:)

Cilla B said...

This is is soo cute love the skirt and jacket

Mr kane said...

Loving the look!

California Dream || http://thecaliforniashop.blogspot.com

menina elegante said...

Looks like a great night out! and wait a second.. A CARRR??!!! gurrr you have one awesome boyfriend! :) Love this post. :D x

Ioana-Carmen said...

Chic and stylish like always! Take a look at my blog and if u like we can follow each other! :)