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Jamay never disappoints.

Jamay is a city that I take for granted because it is only 20 minutes away from my hometown, La Barca. Jamay is situated along a lake called Chapala and people in the neighboring cities/towns know Jamay for its fresh coconuts, seafood restaurants and beautiful lake views. I love vising the neighboring cities and towns because even though they are not too far, they make me feel as though I enter a different world. Jamay holds a special place in my heart because it has brought me happiness, drunkenness, moments of peace, you name it. The streets may be very narrow, but everything else about Jamay will make you want to come back for another visit.

view from La Santa Cruz

Catalina Rose, my baby sis.

Before this trip, the last time I visited Jamay was a December morning right after a night of partying. That time we parked at the base of a hill and with beers in our hands walked up the hill until we could see the lake and the city below us. Before the moment of bliss settled in, we heard a loud, crashing sound that made us quickly turn our heads and saw that there was a banda and people celebrating the patron’s festivities. I have no idea why we didn’t notice them right away and we were tired and hungover, but it goes without saying that we still joined the festivities.

Jamay never disappoints.


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this looks awesome. thanks for sharing :)