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.she makes fools out of us.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Mother Nature is not letting us -and by us, I mean SoCalifornians- sport our fall gear this season? Homegirl is going through some bipolarism, if that's even a word, which is probably not since it has the little red squiggles underneath it. 
She is making a fool out of everyone me!

Once upon a time during a beautiful breezy day in the wonderful city of Somewhere, a young lady decided to sport the following outfit to conduct a quick photo shoot at the beach. 

 Now, you may be thinking, "I WOULD NEVER!", but one must keep in mind that the beach is about an hour away from where this young girl lives and the beach does tend to be a little cooler than the inland area. 
If you are now thinking to yourself, "Tis quite understandable, my dear" then we shall move on.

So the young girl arrived to the beach, started frolicking around with her non-matching Brazil backpack that makes her feel Brazilian even though she is not and realized, "It is bloody warm, I shall take off my combat boots!" in a British accent.
So, she took off her combat boots, which in my opinion have nothing in common with a beach setting, only to realize that it was beginning to get hotter - more than ever!

 The young lady laid down, in embarrassment and thought, "I already look like a fool sporting tights and combat boots to the beach..."


"I might as well continue actin' a fool," and she did. 
The End.

Jk, not the end because I wore a long sleeve and sweat pants to school on Monday thinking that it would stay cool throughout the whole day(I live in Chino Hills), but when I arrived to Riverside it was 90something degrees Fahrenheit. 

It was pretty chilly last week and I know some people were excited about the cool weather, but now they have to live in grief until the seasons start to make sense again...



  1. madre mia que bella estas amiga!!! i love your pin up style;) this shots are amazing!!! highwaisted shorts are so hot and i wish i had your hair!!! and thank you so much for your supersweet comment. till now i haven´t sold so much of my clothes, but maybe in future i will.
    your blog is great, i´m a new follower now!
    love and kiss,mary


  2. uhh, you're a goddess! *-* this look is ravishing, RAVISHING! ♥