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.dance all night baby.

This weekend consisted of a lot of dancing...and by I lot of dancing I mean dancing until I was out of breath...and by out of breath I mean dancing for a long time without stopping...and by a long time, I mean 10 minutes at a time. -_- I cannot hang any more! I am not as buff as I used to be, but things at work will die down shortly, so I will have more time to do more physical activities and I promise then I will actually write about how much dancing I was able to do and not about how much dancing I was unable to do!

Back to the weekend.

I went to a show on Saturday to see the B-Side Players (a latin, reggae band) and of course to see my beau's band, MULA, (a latin, ska band)...and I this is what I wore:

I spy with my little eyes...
...a little snail on the wall...
...and possibly some semi-dead flowers...

I took my little sisters with me. 
Yes, they are actually my sisters. 
Yes, we have the same mother...and father...so they say...

Vest: Chico's - Thrifted ( I had to cut the sleeves due to popular demand)
Blouse: Unknown brand - Thrifted (I had to cut the sleeves due to boredom)
Shorts: Papaya - Super old! I wear them ALL the time and I am not ashamed...not even a little bit. 
Chain: Christmas Gift from the Boyfriend :D

Back to the weekend.

On Sunday I saw one of my favorite Mexican rock bands, La Lupita, for the second time! I actually got to meet the singer and chit-chat for a while.

I hope everyone had a great weekend even if you did so without my presence--I'll just pretend to have been there in spirit ;)

-Perla Giselle

I leave you with on of my favorite La Lupita songs. Feel free to share/suggest music...I am always down to expose my little, semi-deaf ears to some new tunes. 


  1. Loving your photos again! And the comments are adorable, especially the snail and dead flowers one :o) he he he! Love it!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful and sweet comment on my blog!
    Have an amazing day!

  2. it's always good to dance. fun times!

  3. wow, great post honey, i think you had an amazing day!


  4. amazing post dear!

    I would like to invite you join my Club Couture Giveaway, I would really appeciate! ;)

    Btw, Following you, hope you'll folow me back!

  5. Hey,,,great pics and hair styles...


  6. lovely pics,u look adorable.

  7. Nice vest


  8. such colorful outfit, I love it!


  9. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Love how you cut off the sleeves, and the scarf is so pretty, love the colours!

  10. So colorful! Love it!


  11. you look so cute darling! did you do something to your hair? it looks great!

  12. You look great! That combination is so cool and the accessories complement it perfectly <3 just found your blog and loved it, following you now!


  13. Fab photos. Loving the bright colors and dancing is my fav hobby!

  14. yeah a great weekend ;) and god you look great! you really know what suits you, beautiful and bright as a rainbow;)

  15. Very nice photos! love your vest!



  16. love this post! so good!
    your blog is great dear! love the design and you have a great sense of style and taste, brilliant! keep up the good work!
    please can you check out my blog? I've just returned from a leave of exams and hopefully have some good posts lined up!
    It's fashion damnit
    Thanks so much beautiful!

  17. you look awesome
    love your makeup

    maybe you want to follow each other ?

  18. Thank you for following,
    Amazing colours!
    Look gorgeous :)
    Hannah xo

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