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.pinche gabacha.

Written from the airport last Wednesday:

                  Oi gente! I hope everyone is doing absolutely magnificent. As mentioned before, I am going to share with you the entire trajectory I have been going through these past couple of days. Yes, the ENTIRE past two days! As I write this, I find myself in a small airport in the city of Burbank surrounded by a bunch of older folks who are no where near my age, which means I do not have anyone to hang out with while I wait for check-in to start because I got here too early… WAHHH! What this also means is that I have created room for one of my favorite, but rare, hobbies in the whole wide world—writing at airports. I can also use this time to practice my patience, while Vegas waits for me.
                  It seems as though airports have a bad reputation. To be honest, I do not understand why this is the case. I actually LOVE airports, even if the only potential new friends I can make rock a head of white hair, or no hair, or too much hair (there is no in-between). As much as I enjoy having company most times, I feel as though I enjoy airports much more when I fly solo.  I get to study people without worrying about Allen yelling in my ear, “MECHE!” 
                  All the non-chismosos out there should stop complaining about airports and think about them as potential meet-and-greet areas, or as is in my case, meet-a-famous-person-like-Jennifer Hudson-or-Amber-Rose-and-get-start-struck-because-you-do-not-hang-out-with-famous-people-too-often areas. I think I am doing better with my SSS (Star-Struck Syndrome). I have managed to go up to some of my favorite artists recently, without completely freezing up in front of them while they give me a what-the-fuck look.              
    Today, Thursday the 24th of May, 2012, I did something that was long over due. I finally became a U.S. citizen after TWENTY-ONE years! I do not feel any different. I feel as though I have been Americanized so much, that this whole process was just a way to formalize it. It is a bittersweet feeling, as one of my friends mentioned, because you are expected to give up loyalty to whichever country you are originally from. Even though I have no clear memory of what it was like to live in Mexico when I was a baby, my identity is deeply rooted in Jalisco, Mexico chingao!

Do I look like a U.S. Citizen?
The ceremony was not too bad. I wasn't prepared for so much patriotic music though...

Top: Thrifted
Belt: H&M
Sandals: H&M
Purse: H&M
Cardi: H&M


  1. you look awesome ,big fan of your shoes

  2. Congratulations! ;) You look really cute, we're loving your dip-syed hair!

    The Style Rawr!
    Tara (& Jade)

  3. Well congrats hunni! Love your sandals and your hair is so edgy!!!

  4. You have the cutest photos and blurbs ever! Congrats on the citizenship!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Loving those sandals!


  6. Congratulations on obtaining your US citizenship! It's a fantastic initiative you took upon yourself. And just like you, I prefer to go to the airport solo as well...I am not really sure why either.

  7. I loooooove your sandals!!! And as always, your amazing hair. :)

  8. You should write more..you are great at it.


  9. You look so cute, I love the H&M sandals :).

  10. Congratulations!! Haha I actually love airports too, I like it when flights are delayed so I can wander around hahaha your bangs are adorable by the way!!



  11. the pix are awesome love the faces ure making:)

  12. love the coral color..


  13. jaja loquita ;) pero si esperar en el check in es una pesadilla...and great for us you decided to write instead;) and of course even if you are now officially a us citizen you will never forget your mexican roots guapisima!
    un beso

  14. Congratz on you citizenship :) I think most people find airports to be annoying because they're to eager to get to their destination already, I'm one of those. love your outfit <3 the pink of your top is gorgeous!

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  15. Very nice look! love your hair! ;)


    Kisses from Italy


  16. beautiful:)


  17. cute outfit!

    great blog!

    hope you check out my blog as well!

    Figure of Chic

  18. I think that you have to be loyal to country which feels like a home for you, even if you were born else where.
    House doesn't make a home, people do!
    Congrats! (:

    xx Brigita

  19. HEY!!! Do you remember me? I have been looking for your blog since mine was deleted. I had to start a new one because Google pulled the plug on mine...don't know why. Anyway, I'm glad I can comment on your bloggy now! :D

    Congrats on your citizenship!! Now you can join me at deciding which douche of a candidate will be our next puppet...I mean president...LOL! Faux-bama or MItt Rob-me...such a tough choice.

    I'm following you now (again) on GFC and now on bloglovin.

    PS. Your outfit is super cute. I want your sandals!!