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Hey ya'll.
It's been a while since I've posted on here, which is sad because I have been to a few interesting places these past few months. Those that follow me on Instagram are definitely up to date on my travels. 

I am currently in Charleston, a very historic city in the state of South Carolina. The houses here are very charming and the streets are lit by gas lamps!  It's probably something not to get excited about, but I've never seen that before, especially not in California! If you get a chance to visit Charleston, I definitely recommend wandering through the alleys. They are truly magical.
Philadelphia Alley

pastel colored houses on rainbow row

Most of the things I do in life revolve around food. I wake up for food (I love breakfast), I workout for food, I travel for food, etc... It should be no surprise that the first stop was at Kaminsky's, a dessert cafe meant for those who truly want to indulge. My favorite was the thin mint martini, but everything we had was delicious. Being that Charleston is in the south (more conservative than California), there aren't too many vegan/vegetarian restaurants. There are probably about three vegan restaurants in all of Charleston, but the few restaurants that we did visit had some of the best food we've ever had. For vegan food I recommend Gnome and Dellz Uptown (I 100% recommend the snobby nachos). 
Baked goodies at Kaminsky's

The famous 400 year-old Angel Oak Tree

This picture can pass as a maternity pic, except I'm not pregnant :(

I hope you enjoyed this small peek into my Charleston trip. Next up, Myrtle Beach! 
See you soon! 

Romper: Express (thrifted)
Shoes: I can't remember and I just threw them away 
Pink Sunnies: ZeroUV (link)


  1. Great pictures!!! Looks like a very charming town without a doubt! But those cakes steal all the attention! haha!!


    Seize your Style

  2. Preciosa!! Me encanta el vestido y las gafas!! Estás ideal!!
    Un besito

  3. Those sunnies are fierce!