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.eyelash extensions.

I woke up like this.
Just kidding. I did wake up with these lashes though, so heyyyy!

I have been wanting to write about my experience with eyelash extensions for a long time! I visited my beautiful and amazing lash technician in San Dimas, California recently (hey Candice!) and took some pictures of her cute studio, which she always decorates according to whatever holiday is in season. I will link all of her information toward the bottom of this post and if you decide to book her for lash services make sure to mention me, iamperlita, or Perla for a sweet discount.

Alright, let's dig right in!
Here are the answers to some of the most common questions I get:

How long have you had eyelash extensions?

For a really long time! I mean, years! Hold on, let me scroll through my Instagram feed to give you a more accurate answer... The first time I got a full set of lash extensions was back in October 2016 and I have been getting a fill ever since with no gaps!

Why do you even wear extensions?

Because señora life! Okay, I'm half kidding, but seriously, I first got them because I was going to have a destination wedding and our itinerary was packed with a lot of water-related activities. I didn't want to deal with running mascara and raccoon eyes in pictures. What was supposed to be a one-time thing got me hooked! Waking up with beautiful, fluffy lashes is life-changing. I even started wearing less makeup and as a result, my skin improved so much!

How long do they last?

Depends on who you ask. Oh wait, you're asking me. So most people get a fill between 2-4 weeks, but I go every 5 weeks (or more)! I give all credit to Candice, my lash queen, because she does such an amazing job at applying my lashes. It also depends on how well you avoid things like rubbing your eyes, oily eye products, etc...

Don't they rip off your natural lashes?

Yes. Just kidding!! NOOOO, they do not rip off your natural lashes! The synthetic lash is applied to base of your natural lash, so if I didn't have my natural lashes, I wouldn't be able to wear extensions. Does that make sense?

Does it hurt?

Not at all!!

How long does it take?

My fill appointments last an hour and it goes by so quickly. However, if you're getting a full set, it can take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours depending on the lashes you are getting.

Dang, that is a long time laying down. Isn't it uncomfortable?

Gurrrrl, it is one of the most relaxing things I do for myself. I get so comfortable that I fall asleep and I've even woken myself up with my snores. I'm telling you, my girl Candice really takes care of me.

I heard you can't even even get them wet.

First of all, that's not even a question, but you're supposed to let the glue fully dry at least 24 hours after getting them done. After that, you can get them wet all you want! In fact, my lash technician encourages people to wash their lashes regularly, especially if you wear a lot of makeup.

How much maintenance/care is required?

It takes me little to zero maintenance. The main thing to remember is to avoid oils around the eye area and switch to water-based products, like mascara or makeup remover. I still wash my face regularly and I avoid rubbing my eyes, but that's about it.

Alright sis, this sounds great and all, but how much is it?

The price for a full set ranges anywhere from $100-$200 and fills are about $50-$100. The style of lashes I get is called Marylin, which are a midpoint between natural and full volume lashes. Prices vary depending on the type of lashes you are getting, location, technician and QUALITY. I know people like going to places that charge about $25, but I would avoid those cheaper places because of all the horror stories.

So, is the price even worth it?

The price is totally worth it for me, especially since I don't really wear makeup, or spend money on other beauty services. Like I said earlier, it's an incredible feeling waking up and actually looking decent especially now that I am a mom. 
I mean, look at this recent before and after!

Tips for getting your lashes done for the first time:

-Don't wear any eye makeup or curl your lashes prior to your appointment to make the whole process as efficient as possible.
-Find some pictures of how you want your lashes to look. A great technician will recommend the best lash style depending on your natural lashes and eye shape.
-If you tend to be allergic, ask your technician about the ingredients in the adhesive, or ask if you can do a patch test to check for allergies.
-Wear comfortable clothes! I usually wear an oversized sweater and shoes I can easily slip on and off.
-Don't wear a hairstyle that will make you uncomfortable while you are laying down, like a low ponytail or bun. I usually do two french braids or just wear my hair down.

My lash artist also applies color lashes! Here are some she has done on me:

To see more of Candice's work follow her on Instagram: @candylashes48

Book your appointment here: candylashes.net
 Find CandyLashes Studio here: Phenix Salon Suites #115

Thank you for stopping by!

Much Love,


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  2. You look gorgeous Perla! Love the lashes!

  3. such a great result! It was great reading about your lash extension experience.

  4. This is such an eye opening post. I like the fact that they don't interfere with your natural lashes. And the application time is not bad at all. Thanks for sharing this info with me.

  5. Ahh I literally just commented on this photo of your gorgeous new lashes on your Instagram - I noticed your lovely eyes straight away; these lashes look fabulous on you darling :) Hope you're having a good weekend so far!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. You are so sweet Gabrielle! Thank you for your support!

  6. I love your lashes! It is great that you just get the extensions applied once in a while and you don't need to worry about mascara or anything. Love that the process is easygoing, you don't need to do a lot. I like it so much more than removable extensions. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'll get them one day ;).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed reading it!

  7. Se ven estupendos ! Espero tu opinión en mi última entrada! Feliz noche! 💓💓💓

  8. Wow they look amazing! I have never tried eyelash extensions but I have wanted to for ages. Such a helpful Q+A xx


  9. I have lash extensions too, and I think I've had them for the same amount of years as you. I can't live without them now. I first got mine because a friend wanted to become a lash technician so I started off as her practice "model" and continued since. Even though she stopped doing lashes, I've found another gal who does them and don't think I'll ever quit. I think it's just the convenience of waking up and not feeling like I need make up because those lashes make such an impact! Which BTW yours are absolutely stunning!


    1. Yay! Glad to know you are also a fellow lash friend! Hahaha. They are definitely addicting and life-changing! It's so cool that we were able to connect through that as well.

  10. I was thinking about getting extensions, but I've decided that I'd like to try out getting a lift & tint instead!! I'm hoping there are places that do an LVL as well since that's something else I'm super interested in trying out. If I had a lift & under-eye filler, I would never need makeup again :') Pero necesito dinero primero haha


    1. Oh yess! I would love an under eye filler too!! Pero soy pobre (cries in Spanish)!

  11. Se ve todo estupendo ! Que lo disfrutes ! Feliz semana! 💓💓💓

  12. Your lashes look beautiful! I have always been curious about eyelash extensions and what it is like to get them, so this was really helpful to read. And I adore all the decorations in her studio!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  13. What a wonderful review! You write very interesting

  14. You look marvelous Perlita! And eyelashes are definitely a way to add more drama to your make up!

    By the way, congrats on your effort editing your pictures, you're improving a lot and you put creativity into every post you share here and on IG!


    1. Wow! Pablo! Eso significa mucho para mí. Muchísimas gracias!

  15. Ohh so pretty! Love that lash flare.
    I've never do anything like this to my lashes.


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  18. Your lashes look amazing, girl! I can see why you became hooked. The idea of not having to apply mascara or even makeup because the lashes are so full and brightens the eyes, is tempting enough. I've personally never got them done, though everyone I've read that's gotten them done have no regrets, including yourself. I'll have to consider! Thanks for sharing your experience, babe, and I hope you're having a great week!


  19. GIRL! Those lashes look amazing on you!! I've always wanted to try getting extensions but always back out. Also! I used to live close by to San Dimas - what a small world!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. That is so cool! Well, if you ever come back to the area, you know where to go for your eyelash needs :)

  20. Your lashes look so pretty! That's amazing that you felt comfortable wearing less makeup after getting lash extensions!


  21. Love this detailed story, I had my falsies done once and I can relate everything you mentioned. You look like Kourtney K in the after photo, so pretty!


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    lots of love, Miri

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  28. These look so good on you! I have a friend who regularly gets this done and her lashes always look great! i don't like things near my eyes though, I couldn't lay still for so long while someone applied false lashes, haha! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you! Haha! Yeah, I know there are people that freak out when it comes to having things near their eyes lol

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    1. Thank you! I can totally see with colored lashes :)

  32. I am not sure where the heart curtain is from, but thank you for stopping by!

  33. Your eyelashes look wonderful !! Unfortunately, in my work there is an absolute ban on extensions:( :***Regards

  34. Die Eyelash Extensions sieht wundervoll aus :) Die muss ich mir auch noch machen..
    Liebe Grüße vom Gertraud Gruber Shop

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