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.maximize your maternity wardrobe.

Now that I am on my second pregnancy, I know exactly what to look for when it comes to maternity clothes.
Look at me talking like I am an expert!

*This post contains affiliate links to products I have tried and loved.*

We are currently experiencing a mix of fall and summer here in Southern California and we really have to think twice about what we are going to wear for the day. I wore this Black Floral Long Sleeve Mini Dress from PinkBlush Maternity on one of those days that started off cool and transitioned into summer weather by midday. The length of this dress was perfect for the warm weather, but the dark florals paired with these Off-White Knee High Boots from Lulu's gave this look the fall-vibes I have been yearning for. The dress is the real winner though and an example of how I am able to maximize my closet during pregnancy. Here are a few of other ways I try to achieve this:

1. Use what you already have

Almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant, I took inventory of the clothing that would grow with my body, such as long, stretchy shirts and maxi dresses. I also set aside pieces for layering, such as cardigans and long button-up shirts that can be used unbuttoned. I still use some non-maternity leggings, but keep in mind that most will not cover your belly halfway through your pregnancy unless they are super-high-waisted.

2. Purchase items you can use after your pregnancy

Luckily, I kept some maternity clothes from my last pregnancy, not because I was saving them for my next pregnancy, but because I was able to continue wearing them after I had my daughter. This is why I love shopping at a PinkBlush Maternity. They offer a lot of styles that can be used beyond pregnancy. The Black Floral Dress I am wearing in these pictures is maternity-friendly, but not solely maternity. 

How do you identify clothes that can be suitable for after pregnancy? Look for that stretch factor! The stretchier the better, but be wary of an item's sheerness level. I personally loved long, oversized tops because I was later able to fit my daughter inside of them comfortably during breastfeeding sessions on the go. There were about two pairs of non-maternity leggings I purchased during pregnancy because they were really high-waisted and covered my belly enough. Stretchy, non-maternity maxi/midi dresses have also been my go-to.

I would say that the rule of thumb is that if you can wear them comfortably during pregnancy AND you can really envision yourself in those clothes after your baby is born, get them!

3. Items you should buy

Maternity clothes can be expensive, especially because they are only worn for a short period of time, but I do think there are a few items worth spending on. 

Maternity Underwear
The most important for me is maternity underwear! I have tried a few different brands, but these Motherhood Maternity Cotton Underwear have been the most comfortable and durable. I am still using the first pairs that I purchased during my first pregnancy and yes, I used them long after my baby girl was born. You have the option to fold the top over, but I prefer wearing that part over my bump for extra comfort and support.

Sleeping/Nursing Bras
These Cotton Sleeping Bras are another example of an item that I continued wearing after my first pregnancy because of comfort and durability. I still have the first set I purchased back in 2018 and am thinking about getting a second set to have after baby boy is born. I feel that these bras really adapted to my body during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Alright, calm down Buzz Lightyear.

Maternity Jeans/Pants
Leggings and dresses are great and all, but sometimes you need something sturdier 😅. I refused to buy maternity jeans during my first pregnancy because I wanted to see if I could get away with it and I did. However, I did struggle a bit with putting cute outfits together during my first pregnancy, so I gave in a few months back and headed to the clearance maternity section at H&M to try on a few pairs of jeans. Trust me, once you find one good pair, you will not look back. I only have one pair of maternity jeans and I feel that is all I need since I mainly wear leggings, but if you want and can get a few more, go for it!

Special Occasion Dresses
I can't help but being extra sometimes, so I am biased when I say get one or two special occasion dresses and really wear them! Wear them to your gender reveal, maternity photoshoot, baby shower, weddings, etc... Oh yeah, take a lot of pictures with these special dresses, especially if you are really feeling yourself! The good thing is that there are a lot of beautiful gowns you can also wear after pregnancy. I used this gorgeous Lace Overlay Gown that comes in a variety of colors for different occasions during and after my pregnancy.

I know it sounds crazy, but please hear me out! I really wish I had purchased these Motherhood Maternity Shaper Shorts during my first pregnancy, but not because I wanted to achieve an hourglass figure, or anything crazy of that sort. These shorts help make the most out of your non-maternity, form-fitting, dress-wearing days because they provide an extra layer when dresses become sheer and they really help with smoothing. The best part is that they are so freaking comfortable! The waist band covers and supports your whole belly and feels like a nice, cozy hug all around your midsection.

Bella Band
If you are like first-pregnancy-Perla and want to avoid buying maternity jeans and bottoms, then the Bellaband is the way to go! This band allows you to be more flexible with your wardrobe because it helps hold your bottoms in place and covers your belly when your tops are not long enough. You can choose to wear the band low and folded, or stretched for more coverage and smoothing. Feel free to read this previous blog entry of mine that proves how much I avoided purchasing maternity bottoms and how I got away with using my pre-pregnancy jeans.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions to help maximize your maternity wardrobe.
Thank you so much for reading!

Much Love, 


  1. Congratulations Perla! You look amazing!

  2. Happy to see you back on the blog and with such a special post, I'm sure many moms will find it interesting!

    Congratulations for this new baby!


    1. Muchas gracias Pablo! He tenido muchas ganas de regresar al mundo de blogueros :)

  3. This is such an interesting post, I wouldn't have even considered any of this! Thank you for sharing and congrats on the baby!

    Amy x wandering-everywhere.com

  4. Oh you look amazing!!! And agreed so smart to buy garments you will wear after your pregnancy. You are glowing.

    Allie of

  5. Perla, so great to hear the great news!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You look so fab (as always) and these are such great tips. After three children (and also being much older LOLZ), no more kiddos for us, but I always tell my husband...you never know....hehe

    1. Forgot to say...Yes, I still bullet journal! You do too, right?

  6. Fab tips! Maternity sleep bras are so helpful. Being comfortable and well supported can make a huge difference. You look gorgeous! Love your hair!

    1. It really makes all the difference! Thank you so much!

  7. Good to be on your blog again!! <3
    You look beautiful pregnant again and I loved your look.
    This is the good part of a second pregnancy: you already know how things work ;)


    1. You are so sweet and thank you! I am less nervous this time around for sure!

  8. Congratulations honey! You look so pretty in this dress. I can see the pregnancy glow <3 Lovely Post dear! xoxo

  9. How wonderful that you're expecting again Perla! You look positively radiant! These are such practical tips. Being able to wear some of your non-maternity pieces has to be one of the best ways to maximize your maternity wardrobe.

    1. Yes! Baby #2 is on his way and I couldn't be more excited! Thank you so much!

  10. I love this outfit and prints. It looks so good on you and this is really a great idea!

    Love: Mariann Yip