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.gold houndstooth.

Imma take your grandma's style.

This jacket reminds me of my childhood so much because it reminds me of my momma's emerald green houndstooth jacket with hardcore shoulder pads.

Who likes shoulder pads?

I try to stay away from them, but sometimes they are on some cute clothes at the thrift store, like this jacket. I just left the shoulder pads intact because they did not appear to be too big and didn't give me those pointy 1980s shoulders. The only reason I purchased this jacket is because of how metallic the gold thread looks. I love gold.

Houndstooth Jacket: Thrifted
Pink Top: H&M
Black Pants: H&M
Panther Belt: H&M
Pink Flats: Forever 21
Wool Hat: H&M


  1. YES to the jacket, it looks amazing on you! I love how you've managed to taken a traditional piece and made it look totally modern and stylish :)


  2. I love love love this jacket and it suits you so much :) I really like houndstooth as a print and have a scarf in it that I wear all the time in winter. x

  3. That jacket is seriously cool. I never get as lucky as that when I search the thrift store. It really take a keen eye to find those gems


  4. I always see houndstooth prints in black and white! It's nice to see that it looks amazing in other color combos too :)

    Angelie // Beauty MNL Haul + Shopping Experience

  5. That jacket is great!! The shoulder pads are really subtle, at least in the picture :P


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