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Where my OG bloggers at?!

Have you heard that Google+ is shutting down for consumers (personal accounts)? I guess this started after they discovered a security flaw, but then again, who actually used this platform to the same extent as Facebook and Instagram? Google+ pages will go away for ever on April, 2nd 2019 and Google is making it easy to select which Google+ data you wish to download before this goes into effect. In my opinion, the biggest thing that will affect my blogger friends is the removal of Google+ comments, which sucks because I remember when Google really pushed bloggers to use the Google+ comment box. Apparently the comment box will go back to the original Blogger format, so I can only imagine what a pain in the butt this must be for some of you. Google is offering the option of downloading these comments, but what good will that do?

Speaking of comments, how do you follow up on comments that you leave on other people's blog posts? I tried checking off the boxes to notify me of follow-up comments, but that hasn't done anything yet. Lol. I have also wondered if anyone sees when I reply to their comments on my blog. When I first started blogging (many, many years ago), I would leave a comment on a blog post and that person used to reply to that comment on my post, so the conversation would go back and forth on each other's pages, but now I don't know what to do! I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Back to the outfit... I really loved wearing this! There is something about (faux) fur that just elevates an outfit for me. This jacket is perfect for California winters because it is not too heavy. However, I read reviews on H&M that it ran too small so I ordered a size up, but I didn't know that H&M now shows sizes in US and not EU, so it ended up being HUGE on me. Oh, well. I am currently loving the 70s trends with the busy prints, flare pants, corduroy, etc... What do you think of this trend?

Brrr... It's cold.

Just kidding.
Thank you so much for stopping by!

Much Love,


  1. I know that it's closing down, which is weird because it's been going so long! I don't usually see replies unless I'm signed up to the blog or using Disqus!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. I've given up on checking the "follow up" box because I did it for so long but wouldn't hear back :/ I love the Disqus comment system or Wordpress bc then I am notified when someone replies or upvotes my comment. It's the best way to know that I'm not being ignored haha x


  3. It's sad that google+ is going away. I don't care much about writers replying to my comments, but I do try to reply to all comments on my posts. If I get a question, that's when I go to the other blogger's post to answer it. You look lovely. Beautiful jacket!

  4. I received all the emails about it going away haha. Kind of crazy but also not totally unexpected because people just don't use it. Not sure about their 'security issue' excuse haha. ;)

    -Emily www.coatandcoffee.com

  5. It's a bummer that Google+ is going down. It had potential but never really took off. I usually reply to the comment on my own post if I have a response. I love your jacket!! I am a HUGE sucker for fur!! (Preferably faux fur).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. I love Disqus and Wordpress just for the fact that it automatically notifies you when someone replies back to your comment. I wish all commenting systems are like this!

    I loving this outfit - especially the jacket <3

    Chynna | chynnawebley.com/blog

  7. Truly a pain in the butt for Google+ is moving out, I love to respond to comments on my post, there's another way out isn't it? I love your jacket, it's cozy.
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  8. Super cute Perla! This outfit fits you like a glove. Definitely wear it lots!
    I read about the google+ changes and am wondering what will happen and what effects these changes will have on our accounts.
    Happy weekend <3 Radi


  9. So Gorgeous! You always have the cutest outfits Perla xx


  10. Yes, I got mail about it that they shouting down Google+! I don't use that account anyway! Your outfit is amazing! I really like how you combine colors and that jacket is so gorgeous!

    Blog - http://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/search/label/en
    YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkXsgpj6yYs

  11. I haven't heard of Google+ shutting down, hopefully it won't be hard for those who use blogger. I'm using Wordpress and Disqus for the comment where I can see replies. The jacket looks warm and nice.


  12. Its sad Google plus is shutting plenty of readers for bloggers come from their. As per comments for sure not knowing how much chaos is going to cause for bloggers it’s not going to be fun.I usually answer to my readers comments if it’s a question about product and recipe beside that I usually visit them to return the favor in reading my post and leaving a comment. You ok fabulous doll.

  13. So in love with this chic jacket! Amazing look.


  14. You look so good in this jacket, Perla! I used to have faux fur collars on everything but am stuck to wearing the same down jacket now coz it's been so cold here:D Anyhoo, I do think it sucks that Google+ is shutting down:( They did use to push you as well to use it as a Profile! Grrrr! I had a hard time commenting on some people's blogs as well when the Google Account button was taken away and I was using Safari....sigh...

  15. Google+ was nothing but a mess start to the end. We were FORCED to use it, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it, and now their just removing it (which is great), but without even bothering to keep data, such as comments, which is as lame as it always was.
    Sounds like some virtual version of Brexit..



  16. Beautiful outfit and I had no idea google+ is shutting down completely it was a great way to gain more exposure. Thanks for the post babe xoxo Cris


  17. This is such a cute look on you dear! Love the jacket.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  18. Your jacket looks so cosy and that skirt is so cute! :)

    I'm a little annoyed as I was using a google + profile for a while for blogging so it means all the responses I left to comments on my blog will go away, which is annoying as it will look like I've been ignoring questions! Not much I can do though sadly :(

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :) The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue

  19. It's going to be strange without Google + plus commenting system. I used it for a long time but decided to move to Disqus.

    Her Style Hive

  20. Wow! You look awesome. Thanks for share baby. Cheers!

    Nahid | https://bestclicknow.com/best-hair-regrowth-oil-buy/

  21. Your outfit is so amazing... So beautiful smile! Have a great weekend.

  22. It's a shame that g+ is shutting down because that means a lot of comments will be lost. I don't know what to recommend in terms of comments. I do check out whether there was a reply to my comment, but not always.

    You look so lovely! Fabulous skirt.


  23. You look beautiful:*:) Of course I start follow your blog:D

  24. It's crazy that G+ is closing down, it's going to effect everyone so much even with the dying backlinks we'll lose that we've left on G+ blogs. I love your dress, it's so cute xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  25. So cute look! <3

  26. I always meant to switch to G+ comments but never got around to it so I guess it's just as well. I'm seriously so jelly that this jacket is as heavy as you have to go in the winter in California. It's super cute and has such a fun retro vibe :)

  27. Ah how gorgeous is this outfit - you look stunning and this look is absolutely perfect! About Google+ it's a shame but have you heard of MeWe - that's a new platform and really great for sharing articles. I'm on there and there's such a community vibe which is great!

    You can check out my profile on there and if you happen to join, let me know as there's different groups in a similar way to Facebook to join and share news posts etc...

    MeWe - https://mewe.com/join/sprinklesofstyle-fashionbeautyandlifestyle

    Layla x


  28. you look so cute! I love the faux fur collar!


  29. This is such a cute outfit hun, you look amazing.


  30. I use Disqus on my blog for comments, and to be honest that is the only way I am able to keep up with comments and answers to these comments, especially on other blogs. To be honest, if I really want an answer to something, I try reaching out via social media.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

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  32. This outfit looks so cute and I love the top x


  33. I always check my comment sections in my dashboard (I use Wordpress) and reply to anyone that comments. Crazy how Google+ is shutting down but at the same time I'm not surprise. Love this outfit!


  34. Such a fab look! Love your jacket!

  35. You are so beautiful my friend ♥
    Your hair is beautiful, your smile...
    I loved your makeup and the outfit


  36. You look amazing in this outfit! I think of my self as an OG blogger. I started blogging originally in 2012, but my blog was called highheelstosneakers.com back then. I wish I would have stuck with it, because now I feel I have to rebuild myself back up from 0. But that's okay, I still love it!